Committed to educating the whole person 而且 developing well-rounded individuals, Pallotti offers a wide variety of extra-curricular enrichment activities for our students. We strongly encourage students to become active in the school community by participating in one or more activities. Our list of clubs 而且 activities changes often based on student's interests 而且 participation. 学生s often initiate new groups to meet their interests 而且 Pallotti welcomes these ideas. 

It is our belief that through the exploration of extra-curricular activities including visual 而且 performing arts, students will grow in character 而且 depth of thinking. 他们可以, 通过这些活动, 成为更好的人, able to contribute to their community in a variety of enriching ways. We encourage each Pallotti student to take an initiative to actively participate 而且 strive towards personal accomplishments. 

目前俱乐部 & 活动

〇艺术社 将每月在Ms. 泰勒的房间. Please watch for signs 而且 announcements for date 而且 time.


烹饪俱乐部 – Cooking will meet through google meet once a month on Tuesday evening at 6pm. Before each meeting students will receive a list of ingredients along with the food that will be made. They will be given the google link to use to come to the meeting 而且 step by step instructions will be done during the meet. Most recipes will be completed within an hour 而且 dinner will be served This will help students learn about cooking 而且 appreciate the science behind it while realizing how 有趣的 it can be to cook a meal 而且 have it ready when Mom 而且 Dad return home from work.

主持人- Renee Duckworth

美容俱乐部 – In the cosmetology club we will be doing hair makeup, 指甲, 护肤和为人们提供化妆之类的. We will be teaching about different types of hair, 而且 how to care for it. We will also be making sure we have a cleaning station 而且 follow hygiene protocols. 我们还计划做志愿者工作.

主持人:Chikondi女士. 齐·罗德里格斯和阿妮莎·费尔顿

 莎士比亚戏剧/俱乐部  - gives students an opportunity to perform monologues from some of Shakespeare’s best-know plays 而且 compete against both Pallotti students (Pallotti Competition) 而且 students from all over the metropolitan area (Washington, D.C.动静分区竞争). Those considering acting as a profession or just wanting to stretch themselves are encouraged to join the club. The winner of the Pallotti event goes on to the regional competition. The regional winner heads to New York for a final competition. In 2019 而且 2020 a Pallotti student finished 1st 而且 2nd, respectively, in the regional competitions!    

主持人: 马歇尔兰开斯特 

法国俱乐部: French club is a new club dedicated to providing students with a 有趣的 而且 engaging way to experience French culture 而且 language outside of the classroom. Topics covered in French Club include (但并不局限于): French gastronomy & pastry making, French music, 而且 Francophone tourist destinations. Meetings will be held once a month – meeting date will be announced via email at least a week before! 


〇吉他俱乐部 吉他俱乐部每周四放学后在Mr. 欧文的房间,从第二学期开始. 任何对吉他感兴趣的人都可以加入. 欢迎所有级别的游戏,包括初学者. Guitar Club meetings typically include an opportunity to play with 而且 learn from others. 学生s are encouraged to bring their guitars though owning a guitar is not required to participate in Guitar Club.

版主, 汤姆•欧文斯 而且 比尔Bayly 

〇滑冰俱乐部 a recreational club founded with the purpose of spreading the joy 而且 有趣的 of ice skating. We will meet irregularly6 at Gardens Ice House (or other potential venues) throughout the winter season.

主持人- Dana Cunningham

模拟联合国俱乐部 - 模拟联合国俱乐部 - Don’t Hate, Negotiate! 模拟联合国, which began in 1955 as a small gathering among several Catholic 高中 in Philadelphia, has become a worldwide system of clubs 而且 conferences in middle schools, 高中, 和大学. 在这个俱乐部里, students learn valuable skills applicable to the real world while debating with their peers over various issues. Skills developed 而且 refined include the importance of negotiating, 妥协, 敏捷的思维, 以及公开演讲.

At Pallotti, Model UN commenced in the 2018-2019 school year. With over 50 delegates, it is the school’s largest 而且 most diverse club. Members can attend any number of the  conferences we attend in a school year. We also host our own annual conference (PawMUNC) each Spring.


主持人- - - - - - 柯克玛珊德 

乒乓俱乐部 -乒乓球俱乐部面向任何水平的运动员开放.   Bring a paddle (or use one of the classroom ones) most days after school from 2:30-3:15 in Room 127.  This is a very casual club, so you can show up whenever you can. 

主持人:Tim Martin

机器人俱乐部  - Meetings will be on Wednesdays 而且 Fridays 2:45 - 3:30 pm.

主持人:Justin Jenkins和Mike Cotter

精神俱乐部 (从2013年开始)-精神俱乐部是一个社会, 有趣的, inclusive group of students who meet regularly to discuss 而且 improve school spirit 而且 support our athletic teams.  他们的一些活动包括, 但并不局限于, advertising for games by painting banners 而且 signs, helping to decorate the gym for senior days 而且 pep rallies, 而且 helping with the organization of “pink games” in October 而且 our annual Midnight Madness.   精神俱乐部 members encourage the student body to attend games 而且 show their “Pallotti Pride” at all athletic events throughout the year.

Meeting times vary, but are usually during lunch periods 而且/or after school.

主持人: 李·安·艾尔曼 



  • 学生会*
  • 国家荣誉学会*
  • 伙伴-网赌正规平台网址大使领导*
  • 天主教使徒联盟*

*这些俱乐部的成员, 活动是通过选举产生的, 任命, 或由委员会或同学选出, 老师, 和管理员. These clubs 而且 activities are not open to all students.